For the care of the hooves

Make sure that the hooves are well cared for at all times. Well-groomed hooves are important for a horse so that there are as few discomfort as possible. Hypozin with a well-groomed hooves.

Ask your farrier or retailer how to use Hypozin


Grooming of the hooves

In addition to regular nulsering and cleaning of the hooves, Hypozin is used for grommig. Before grooming you provide the hooves with a thin layer of Hypozin.

Hypozin has been tested for Fusobaterium necrophorum, the bacteria that causes bad hooves / hoof rays, by an independent bacteriology laboratory.


Hypozin is tested on Fusobaterium necrophorum, the bacterium that causes thrush, by an independent bacteriological laboratory.

The results of testing conducted by the firm Bactimm.

MICROBIOLOGICAL EXAMINATION REPORT – Efficacy of antimicrobial preservation test

Zinkpasta (LIN 00.003) Batch : 08L20004A

Fusobaterium necrophorumt=0*t=0t=5 mint=1 ht=24 h
CFU count (10log)< 4.0
10log reduction3.02.93.0> 3.7

LIN: Laboratory Identification Number; *t=0 inoculum count (in PFZ + Tween)


Bactimm – Farmalyse laboratories are certified to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003 and have the GMP and GLP GCLP (microbial validation) licenses to perform analysis.

Hypozin is a safe product. Hypozin supports and protects the hoof and keeps it strong and healthy. Only for external use as stated on the label. Do not use on open wounds.

Hypozin does not replace any veterinarian or farrier and is not a medicine.



Hypozin contains a very high concentration of zinc, in contrast to zinc ointment (zinc ointment contains 10% zinc oxide). The zinc oxide component has a drying effect and offers a grommig from the effects of body fluids (urine and feces in the stables).

The balanced formulation of essential ingredients is to ensure the specific effect of Hypozin.

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